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Nov. 17, 2020

1.BONUS #5 - Guest Ken Olandt: Jennifer Aniston's First Feature Co-Star | Jennifer Aniston

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Our Jen Journey has brought us to our first celebrity guest interview! Join us as we sit down with Ken Olandt who played Nathan in the 1993 film Leprechaun alongside our girl crush Jennifer Aniston! In addition to Leprechaun, Ken is known for his starring roles in the movie Summer School and the TV series Super Force. He successfully started his own production company and is now married with 5 adult children. 

In this episode, Ken gives us the inside scoop on his experience in Hollywood, what it was like on set for Leprechaun, and of course...his experience working with Jennifer Aniston! 

Instagram accounts to check out: 

  • @kenolandt (Ken)
  • @charlietaylorofficial (Ken's daughter who's a singer-songwriter)
  • @madison_olandt (Ken's daughter who's a dancer)
  • @sweatandtell (Ken's son's girlfriend who is a lifestyle influencer)

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Ken OlandtProfile Photo

Ken Olandt


Ken has been in a variety of shows and movies including April Fool's Day, Summer School, and the 90's series Super Force. He also starred alongside Jennifer Aniston in the film Leprechaun! Ken went on to successfully start his own production company. Ken took a pause from the acting world to spend time with his beautiful family and has recently begun getting back into the acting world!