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Producing a Podcast Costs How Much?

It may not be immediately obvious, but creating a quality movie podcast is not cheap!  We have recurring expenses which we cover out of our own pockets including:

  • Podcast Hosting Fees
  • Website Expenses
  • Movie Rental Fees (usually doubled since we don't live near each other!)
  • Tracking down and buying long lost DVDs of our Girl Crush's (there's always at least one of these! We've ordered DVDs from Japan and the UK more than once!) 
  • Sunday Style Spotlight accessories
  • Giveaways and contest items for fans

This adds up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent each year to produce Girl Crush! 

What'll You Do With My Donation?

We LOVEthis podcast, but we know we could do bigger and better things with a little extra support! If you are able to contribute, every penny will go towards covering those recurring costs and opening up funds to increase the production value of the podcast and giving back to our Girl Crush Fans which could include things like:

  • upgraded recording equipment
  • hosting live events!
  • more giveaways with our sponsors
  • new merch

While we'd love to pull a My Favorite Murder here and be full-time podcasters, our goal is not to profit from this! We would love to just break-even and be able to do even more fun things with it! 

What Do IGet for My Donation?

Glad ya asked! Through Buy Me a Coffee, you can opt for a one-time donation or for recurring donations. We have multiple donation levels you can subscribe to with different rewards! As we build up a donation base we will further expand these rewards as we can afford to 

  • Tier 1: 
  • Tier 2:
  • Tier 3:
  • Tier 4: