Season 3 is here! We're ranking EVERY Reese Witherspoon film!


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Amazing podcast!

This podcast is a great listen! You might come to hear about a certain movie or actress, but you’ll stay to hear more from Anne and Ally. Great work!

Love this Podcast!

These two ladies are so great! I love listening to them so much. Even if I haven’t watched the movies, the way they go through each one makes it feel like I’m watching it. Can’t wait to hear who the next leading lady is!

Fun podcast!

Love the format of this podcast! Ally and Anne genuinely have so much fun watching and recording these eps, you can tell when you listen. Looking forward to season 3!

So great!

I feel like Anne and Ally are my friends too, as I listen to them enjoy our mutual girl crushes. Love this podcast!

Love this pod!

This is such a fun listen! Anne and Ally are entertaining and you can tell they are really having fun. Love hearing their recaps, personal anecdotes, and the extra content on their IG. I can’t wait to find out who they’re covering for season 3!

entertainment at its finest

Who better to listen to than two best friends. The delivery is great. Theyre funny, entertaining, and give me a different perspective on movies that i love. As someone who adores jen and sandra, i love this podcast and i cant wait for future seasons

So fun!

This is a lighthearted, easy listen. And who doesn’t love Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock?!

Love this podcast! Super entertaining whether you're a Jen Aniston and Sandra Bullock fan or not. This is my favorite movie podcast! Love their rating system and the personal stories Ally and Anne bring to each episode. I have laughed, cried, and cried laughing listening to this pod - a must listen!

Love this podcast! I’m a huge Jen fan so it was so fun to listen to their thoughts on her movies and I’ve seen most of sandra bullocks movies as well but I’m excited to watch more and listen to their thoughts as well!

Girl crush on two girls

These girls are awesome. You can tell they love movies and they enjoy just having fun with them. With life so heavy this is a great podcast to lighten the mood!

Its great ngl🥸

As someone who loves jen and sandra, this podcast is a 10/10. They pick amazing actresses. They give me a new perspective on the movies. theyre very easy to listen to. and theyre so entertaining. One of the best (if not the best) podcast i know.

If you love Jennifer Aniston, you’ll love this podcast!

Anne and Ally are just so cute- it’s fun to hear friends share a love of an actress and bring their own stories to the podcast as they break down every film of Jennifer Aniston! Highly recommend!


Who knew I needed this podcast!? Listen to it every time I’m flying and always look to their rating system when I’m trying to pick a movie. These 2 girls are funny, smart, and just so relatable!

Fun podcast!

I love the concept for this podcast, which is to choose an actress and watch and rank all her films. I listened to Season 1, which was centered around Jennifer Aniston, and it was great to hear the hosts' thoughts on the movies I've already watched, like "Murder Mystery," and to also hear about some of the movies I have yet to see, like "Mother's Day." You can definitely tell the two hosts are absolutely crushing on Jen, and I love hearing their passionate discussions around each movie!

Unbelievably fun podcast

Light, funny, smart and even moving at times. I have absolutely loved season 1 and can’t wait to find out what ranks first and what they are planning for season 2! They host watch parties that are a blast, so I recommend to be in the lookout for those!

Crush Worthy!

A fun podcast that is easy to listen to! Ally and Anne have great chemistry and really know everything about Jennifer Anniston. I can’t wait to see who they crush on for season 2!

I can’t stop listening!!

Love listening to this duo!! I feel like I fit right along with their movie interests and love hearing their overviews and thoughts! They’ve done a great job in keeping you wanting to listen more by having a point system! A must-listen and can’t wait to see who they’re going to feature in upcoming seasons!!


Love hearing their take on Jen’s movies! Can’t wait to find out the top 10!

Listening to the Rumor Has It episode was a blast. I remember seeing this movie and having the same feelings as you all. The hosts have great chemistry and plenty of funny moments. Looking forward to listening some more!

If you're a Jennifer Aniston fan, and even if you aren't, you like this podcast. Now there are some movies with her that I want to watch.

Great show!

Very engaging conversation and they have a great dynamic with each other! Definitely worth your time!

The passion! Oh my!

The passion and the high quality rating system for the movies is fantastic! Well done!

Best Podcast Ever

Obsessed with this! Love the review system for the films, and I 100% relate to the Jen obsession. I need more episodes! 😍