Season 3 is here! We're ranking EVERY Reese Witherspoon film!
April 18, 2023

4.4 - Movie 43 | Kate Winslet

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Join us as we review...two versions? of Movie 43. We accidentally watched two different versions of this movie (UK and US). A very odd compilation of shorts, this "movie" somehow boasts an all-star cast including Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pratt, Anna Faris, Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Kristen Bell, Kieran Culkin, Gerard Butler, Jason Sudeikis, Justin Long, Terrence Howard, Elizabeth Banks, Josh Duhamel, Uma Thurman, Seth MacFarlane, and more!

Tune in to find out why this cast could not save this movie...and how this one stacks up in the rankings of EVERY Kate Winslet movie! 

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