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July 20, 2021

2.26 - Two if by Sea | Sandra Bullock

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What do a Barnes & Noble Cashier, a Matisse painting, a fish factory, and a cement truck have in common? Check out Two if by Sea to find out!  This 1996 "romantic comedy" features Sandra Bullock and Denis Leary as their characters grapple with moral obligation,  slight identity crises, and a blossoming love of art (and each other?).   While there were things we liked about this movie, it tries to do a LOT in 90 minutes and we definitely have thoughts on what would've made it better (plus an alternate ending idea)!

Listen to this episode of Girl Crush Pod to get the full scoop as we rate, rank, and review another movie in our quest to rank all 48 of Sandra Bullock's movies!

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