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June 26, 2020

1.BONUS #1 - $ellebrity | Jennifer Aniston

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Our #JenJourney brings us to our first bonus episode! Our thoughts and reactions to the 2013 documentary $ellebrity. Jennifer Aniston plays herself, so even though we're not rating this documentary, we'd still give her a 10/10 in character and poise. This documentary covers the lives of celebrities and the paparazzi and it is genuinely horrifying. If you're a person who reads UsWeekly, People, TMZ or any other celeb magazine/website you may want to do a lil sanity check and watch this. Protect the amazing entertainers we love (and their innocent kiddos) and invest in their art instead of their gossip! This was truly enlightening. And let's reiterate that Jen is flawless.

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