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April 21, 2020

1.15 - The Bounty Hunter | Jennifer Aniston

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Our #JenJourney brings us to one of Jennifer Aniston's strongest and arguably most likable characters in the 2010 film The Bounty Hunter! In this film, Gerard Butler plays Milo, a bounty hunter, who is assigned to pick up his ex-wife Nicole, a reporter, who jumped bail. Jen's character Nicole is a true boss babe - a woman who can hulk out to rip a door apart, fall into a pond and look like she just did a GQ shoot, and solve the mystery behind a case she's following!  We stopped to muse if Jen has ever had a zit in her whole life, and once again made a note to figure out who her spray tan artist is. This plot is action-packed and full of comedy and romance that doesn't feel TOO cheesy. Jason Sudeikis's presence alone adds an extra half point. Come for Jen's hair (it looks good in a banana clip, come ON), and stay for the sneaky taser scene.

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