Season 3 is here! We're ranking EVERY Reese Witherspoon film!
Feb. 18, 2020

1.05 - Jen's First Three Movies | Girl Crush Podcast

Our #JenJourney is taking us way back to the films that launched Jennifer Aniston's career!

Mac And Me: a hilarious alien encounter sponsored by McDonald's. Is Jen on screen for more than 3 seconds? No. Did we watch it anyway? Yes. #dedicated

Camp Cucamonga: a made-for-TV movie following a bunch of zany kids at a summer camp. Jen drives a school bus AND has lines. Makin' moves.

Leprechaun: Jen's first feature film role, starring a crazed leprechaun seeking revenge in the middle of North Dakota and a plethora of mini modes of transportation. Jen reveals she's not a sharp shooter, but she does have what it takes to make it big!

Thanks for listening!