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Feb. 4, 2020

1.02 - She's the One | Girl Crush Podcast

Our #JenJourney continues with our review of the 1996 film, She's the One. Although Jen is referred to as a Buick next to Cameron Diaz's Cadillac, this lively film will make you laugh and cringe. With an unpredictable plot, this blast from the past featuring some great pleated slacks and scrunchies is definitely worth the watch! 

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Anne  0:27 
Hello, and welcome to the Girl Crush Podcast where we watch and rank all of our favorite celebrities' movies. This season we're fangirling for Jennifer Aniston. Please be sure to rate and review, and if you want to play along with us or give us your own thoughts, be sure to connect with us on Instagram by following @GirlCrush_Pod. You can also email us at

Alright, we're gonna get started with today's episode. And we should preface it with the fact that we recorded our first episode in person together. But today we are virtually recording this. I (Anne) am in Denver. Ally is...

Ally  1:05 
I'm in Chicago.

Anne  1:06 
And we have a an extreme setup

Ally  1:10 
We're rigged over here. So we're currently facetiming so I'm watching Anne, and Kale helped me get set up, so I have a microphone here. I have my computer with our notes in front of us. I'm facetiming Anne, and I'm listening via headphones so I can hear our conversation without affecting the recording. But Anne, you have to tell everyone where you are.

Anne  1:34 
Yep. Yeah, I am 1003 miles away from Ally and Kale. And I'm laying on my closet floor with my computer with my notes, my iPad with my super cool microphone plugged into it. And then facetiming Ally with my headphones in. It's ridiculous. But it's great. And I feel like...

Ally  1:59 
I love it. It's dedication we've already invested. You bought a microphone.

Anne  2:03 

I feel like we should also say Kale is Ally's husband. And he is our sound engineer slash producer, which is awesome. So that's who Kale is.

Ally  2:13 

Thank you.

Anne  2:14
You're welcome.

Ally  2:16 
Okay, so let's get started. So for today's episode, we're talking about She's The One which was released in 1996, so on the earlier side of Jen's career. Jen plays a character named Renee. And you can watch it on Amazon Prime, you can rent it there. And really, I won't get a ton into the summary now. It's pretty much a super tangled web love triangle of a movie. John Mahoney from Frasier is the dad. So if you haven't seen it yet, now's the time to pause and go watch it. And then come back and listen to the rest of the podcast because from here on out, there will be spoilers.

Anne  2:56 
Sweet, or don't watch it and just listen. Okay, so we'll go ahead and get started. So as a reminder, we rank on several different categories. We rank on plot, we rank on character, Jen's acting, and her hair, and then a pretty standard rating of would we watch it again, which all contributes to the overall score. We'll start with plot. And this is ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, we gave this an overall plot ranking of 8.5, which I know we gave the last movie that we reviewed an 8.5 on plot, and we said that was super rare. I mean, it is, but this was a pretty good plot. So this is centered around two brothers and their love lives. So I wouldn't say that Jen is the lead character here. She's more of a supporting character, but she's still kind of like one of the leading women. Right? Would you agree with that?

Ally  3:55 
Mhmm. Yep, totally agree.

Anne  3:57
It is a typical love triangle. And because of that, I think the introduction of characters is important and also very confusing. There's two brothers that the movie's centered around. Brother one is Mickey. Mickey is a cab driver. I think he feels like he's not super accomplished. He's kind of had a troubled past in some ways. And then brother two is Francis who is a douchebag. He is Jen's husband. And yeah, he's horrible the whole movie. He instantly reminds you...not to make this political...but of one of Trump's sons. I feel like Mike McGlone, his character Francis in this movie was a fashion icon inspiration for the Trump sons. Not in a good way... Anyway, so Mickey, the cab driver, went a little nuts in the past because his ex-fiancé cheated on him three years ago and he kind of caught her in the act. I feel like one of the reasons this plot is ranked well is because it's not boring, it accelerates super fast. So within the first 15 minutes of the movie, Mickey, this cab driver, meets a random woman in his cab and marries her within 24 hours. Her name is Hope, I think. 

Ally  5:27 
Yeah, that is outrageous,

Anne  5:29 
Outrageous. And then also within 20 minutes, you find out that Jen's douchebag husband is cheating on her. So...

Ally  5:37 
It's horrible. The opening scene is her husband turning her down for sex.

Anne  5:43 
Yes, we'll get her acting and her character, but I think she's like, kind of funny with how she handles the whole situation and it's also absurd. So, anyway, Jen's husband in the movie, his mistress calls him at work or he calls her at work, I don't know. And Cameron Diaz's face pops up on the screen. So she's kind of the other leading lady in this movie. And I was just shocked that she was even in the movie. I mean, you know, cuz obviously, you see her on the...what is that called? The...

Ally  6:24 
Cover or whatever? The preview?

Anne  6:26 

Is it called a cover, is it called a cover if you watch it virtually?

Ally  6:31 
Like the thumbnail on Amazon?

Anne  6:33 

Yeah. But yeah, I'm just like, floored that she is the mistress of sorts. And then, I feel like a weird plot point scattered throughout is that Cameron Diaz is weirdly, dating or seeing a sugar daddy and has kind of a weird past with that. So then, you get to the point where Cameron Diaz, and her character's name is Heather, gets into Mickey the cab drivers cab, and you realize that they were the ones who are dating in the past. And she was the ex-fiancé who cheated on him, which is kind of shocking, because they're total opposites. Right?

Ally  7:18 
Yes, complete opposites. And you just were hearing Heather interacting with Francis and then all of a sudden, this bomb drops about who she is. And then you hate Francis even more.

Anne  7:30 
Right? So then I feel like kind of a turning point in the movie is that Mickey and Heather engaged in a trade because Mickey left his TV with Heather when they broke up. So he goes up to her apartment when he's driving her home in his cab gets the TV. And then she demands that he gives back this watch that she gave him. And she kind of offhand mentions at that point that she sees his brother occasionally. I don't think Mickey knows to what extent. But the watch itself is what unravels everything, right? Because Francis shows up wearing it. And Mickey's like, "That's my watch." And then Francis kind of admits to everything,  which is nuts. And in the meantime, Francis admits to Jen he's in love with someone else, he's been cheating on her, all this terrible stuff. And Jen just kind of leaves him. And in the end, Francis proposes to Heather, before he's even divorced from Jen. She doesn't even seem really excited about it. But all ends well, because he ends up alone, as he should.

Ally  8:41 
Yeah, she goes, "Uh, is it okay if I think about it?" which is the dumbest answer to "Will you marry me?" I think that's worse than "No."

Anne  8:54 
Yeah, what every man wants to hear - "let me get back to you in two business days." A couple other points in the plot:  Francis and Mickey's dad is played by the guy from Frasier John Mahoney, but Jen's dad is played by the guy who was Phil Leotardo in The Sopranos, which I don't think you've watched The Sopranos but, you know, he's not a nice guy in The Sopranos and so I could not like her dad the whole movie, because I was thinking of him as an enemy, so I couldn't. He's forever that character to me. And I guess the other funny point of the plot is that Mickey and Francis's dad thinks that his wife is going to church every day to pray for their family and her sons but she's actually cheating on their dad with the guy at the hardware store. So it's just a whole movie of infidelity.

Ally  10:01 

It's true. And it's slightly hilarious, too, because when Francis is ignoring Jen.. First of all another thing is their parents know way too much about their relationships. So everybody knows that Francis and Jen are not really having a strong sex life right now, which I think is way too much information for everyone to know. But because of that, everyone starts to think that Francis might be gay. Because if you're turning down Jennifer Aniston, then, you know, that might be a safe assumption. But I love when he's telling her that he's in love with someone else, he's kind of picking a fight with her trying to get her to say that she wants to get divorced. But eventually, he says that he's in love with someone else, and that he wants a divorce. And Jen's reaction: She sighs and she's like, "Who is he?"

Anne  10:57 
Right? She's so committed. Like everyone believes it's true. Yeah, that was perfect.  I thought the pot was really good. I mean, there's so much anticipation. You're wondering when people are going to find out what. There were for sure some things I did not like about the plot, too. First and foremost that Trump Jr. Mike McGlone, is a huge douchebag to Jen's character and to everybody. Like he's just not good. I thought the actress who played Mickey's "new wife" Hope was just not good, her acting is not good.

Ally  11:42 

I totally agree. Also, I just don't like her either.

Anne  11:45 

Yeah, yeah. For sure. The fact that they got married at somebody else's wedding is so trashy to me, it's horrifying. After they knew each other for 24 hours?  No.

Ally  11:59 

Yeah, that part is too over the top for me. I know, movies are not supposed to be realistic. But it was so unrealistic I was actually super distracted by it. Because every time they kind of fought in the movie, or they learned something new about each other, I was like, "Well, of course, you didn't know that, you've only known each other for 24 hours, and you're married!" So they come home from this trip and now he lives in her apartment that he's never seen before, and it's not very nice. And all of a sudden, she's like, "I might move to Paris next month." And they're shocked that they don't know things about each other, that they're having these issues. So I think that's kind of stupid. But it makes for an entertaining plot.

Anne  12:38 
Yeah, that relationship is way less interesting to me. Even though I felt like Jen and her character were not in the movie as much as I think they could have been, considering everything. And also, this plot is kind of sad because Cameron Diaz is just a ho. Like, she's not a good person. She's kind of a villain in this movie, which is always disappointing. Yeah. So anyway, plot gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Ally  13:12 

I have one more thing to say about the plot. So we just need to talk about really quickly how Francis is comparing Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston, and equates Cameron Diaz to a Porsche and Jennifer Aniston to a Buick. And I found that super offensive

Anne  13:31 
That is incredibly offensive. Yeah. How is she a Buick?

Ally  13:38 

Right, exactly. She should be the dream car.

Anne  13:43 

If anything, Cameron Diaz can be a Porsche and Jennifer Aniston is a Jaguar.

Ally  13:48 

Oh, I like that.

Anne  13:49 
You know, that's more fair.

Ally  13:55 

I also want to preface that by saying I don't know anything about cars, but I know what they're trying to insinuate.

Anne  14:05 
You know the general shape of the car and what they're saying. Soo yeah, plot 8.5 out of 10 very entertaining, if not confusing plot. So next up is character. So this is the character that Jen plays we're kind of judging the character as their own person in some ways. For this character of Renee, we gave a 7.5 out of 10. So, the things I liked about her character was that she does seem pretty brutally honest with Francis. And once things really start going downhill in the movie, at least, she stands up for herself, doesn't take him back. And she's really kind to other people, so I feel like those are positives to her character.

Ally  15:05 
Yeah, I felt the same way. I just liked her character being, like you said, strong and not giving in. And even when she was going through these troubles with her husband, I don't know, it's kind of nice to see that she was trying to work on it and figure out what was wrong. And she didn't just immediately curl up into a ball and think something was wrong with her.

Anne  15:29 
Yeah, that's true. But what I don't like is I feel like that contradicts the fact that she's with him in the first place. Right?

Ally  15:39  
Yeah. Like, how did they ever get together?

Anne  15:41 

Yeah, I have trouble imagining her character and his character actually falling in love, because he's so terrible.

Ally  15:47 
That's true. I think we have to assume that he wasn't always this terrible, but they don't show us that at all. That's the only way I could imagine them ever getting together.

Anne  15:57 
Yeah. And I guess what that we don't have a whole lot of background on her character; you meet her family, her parents and her sister, but that's it. I don't even think we ever learned what her job is. It's hilarious she doesn't have a long island accent like the rest of her family. So I'm like, What happened to you? Did you go to boarding school? You just had a speech therapist? Like how do you not have the accent the rest of your family has?

Ally  16:24 
Could she just not do it?

Anne  16:29 
That's possible. She doesn't really do accents in movies.

Ally  16:32 

It's okay. We still want Jennifer Aniston, she doesn't need an accent. Well, she does do some Southern accents. We'll get to those.

Anne  16:40 

That is true. 

Ally  16:42  
So moving on to acting. So acting, we rated her acting here a 6 out of 10. So this is a lower on the scale than some of the movies that we've watched. I would say it's on the lower end. But I will say out of the three leading women in the movie, Jen was definitely the best. And the other girl was not good.

Anne  17:10 

Not good. No, no. Yeah. I mean, Jen did display a lot of emotion, I don't think she was quite in as many scenes as maybe she could have or should have been. But there was a couple things  I really think she didn't do as strongly as she does in some other movies. And maybe it's how the character is written. But I really would have expected her to have a way stronger reaction when her husband tells her he's in love with someone else and wants a divorce. It seems like she's been trying to make it work, going to all these extra lengths, buying lingerie, and asking people their opinions on their relationship. And then he admits to loving someone else and wanting a divorce. And she just like sighs and assumes he's gay. Maybe she was just relieved at that point, that it was over, but it wasn't super believable. There really weren't any tears or like hitting - I'm not endorsing domestic violence, but she should have had a stronger reaction. Right?! It felt off.

Ally  18:32 

I totally agree. I think some of her acting in this one, and maybe it's just because it's a little bit earlier on in her career. I feel like it was it wasn't bad, but it seemed a little bit elementary. In some movies, when I watch her, you don't think about the fact that she's acting and that she's playing a different character. And in this one, I was kind of thinking about it. I found myself noticing, oh, she's acting. I just didn't think it was as impressive as some other movies. And like I said, maybe that's just because it was earlier on in her in her career, or it could have to do with the way the character was written. But again, I do think she did better than the others in the film.

Anne  19:15 

Yeah, I agree. I found it in some scenes I felt like I was watching Rachel Green from Friends. Which again, not a bad thing. I love Friends. But it does feel like usually her acting is well-distanced from her Friends character. And again, this was 1996, she probably filmed it in 1995, so this was maybe one or two years into Friends filming. She was pretty early in her career, but there were some scenes where I was like, oh, that was a Rachel sigh. Or maybe it's just being way too familiar with the show, but I don't feel like I've ever really noticed that in a lot of her other movies. Like, feeling like I'm watching a similar character.

Ally  20:02 
No, I agree. I think it could have been the way she was using her voice too. I'm using the word whiny even though obviously, she had a reason to be whiny. But when she gets a little bit of a whine in her voice, I felt like it was sort of similar to how Rachel would talk in Friends when she's annoyed or something like that.

Anne  20:22 

Yeah, so the acting here is a little bit lower than some movies, 6 out of 10. But overall, she was still for sure the strongest female character in the movie. 

Ally  20:36 

Anything else about the acting?

Anne  20:40 

I guess, it's such a bonkers movie. Did you have a favorite scene watching it, where your jaw dropped?

Ally  20:53 
Well, when my jaw dropped the most is when  Cameron Diaz gets in Mickey's cab, and we realize that's his ex-fiancé. So that one's the most shocking, I don't know if it's my favorite. But that's the one where I was like, "What?"  I feel like most of the scenes that stick out to me are moments that I'm like, "What?" Like them getting married after 24 hours - those were the most memorable to me.

Anne  21:29 

Yeah, a lot of absurdity. I think one of my favorite scenes in the movie, even though it's a smaller moment is that towards the end, when Francis has ultimately been rejected by Cameron Diaz's character, he calls Jen , trying to get her back. He calls her, apologizes, and it's kind of zoomed in on her. And she rejects him saying she really can't take his highs and lows again. And then she sits down next to this guy who you assume is the guy that Francis and Jen's sister were kind of bad-mouthing at the beginning of the movie, making fun of - this guy that they used to know many, many years ago. And she  kind of defended that guy at the beginning of the movie, he was always a nice guy. And I think maybe she had dated him at one point. So then it's just kind of funny at the end that she went back to that guy and they end up kind of reconnecting, like finding him again. 

Ally  22:27 
Yeah, that's sweet.

Anne  22:28 

Yeah, it was kind of sweet amidst the rest of the absurdity.

Ally  22:37 
Okay, what about her hair?

Anne  22:41  
So her hair, I thought was pretty good. She had a lot of different styles. But I do think that there was a lot of Rachel Green vibes with this hair. Which maybe is what made me think more about the Friends character as far as acting went. Especially that French twist. And maybe the fashion too, just reminded me so much of Friends. But we gave this hair a 1.5 out of 2 because it was pretty good.

Ally  23:16 

Mm hmm. And then for would you watch again, we rated this a 5 out of 5 because we both said we'd watch it again. I mean, we've watched it twice since we've started this whole thing.

Anne  23:28
Yeah, that's true. And, watching it again we realized how entertaining and kind of bonkers it is.

Ally  23:39 

Yeah, it's super silly, but it's funny. Okay, so to review our ratings for this for this movie. For plot, we rated an 8.5 out of 10, Character was a 7.5 out of 10. Acting a 6 out of 10. Hair a 1.5 out of 2. And would you watch again, a 5 out of 5.

Anne  24:06 
Yep, so that's a total score of 28.5, so this movie ranks at number 17 out of 38, so kind of right in the middle of the pack. Again, I think this was super entertaining. I feel like Jen should have been in more of it, she deserved to be in more of it. But overall, it's a pretty entertaining movie. Cameron Diaz is in it, which is fun, as, as well as a couple other famous actors. So I think it's very entertaining. And even after watching it again, we were both like, Oh, yeah, this is nuts.

Ally  24:42
Yeah, yeah, totally agree. It's not the most high quality caliber of movie you're gonna see but definitely entertaining and worth the watch. As always thanks for listening to the Girl Crush Podcast. Let us know your thoughts on today's movie. You can find us on Instagram @GirlCrush_Pod and you can also email us at Tune in next time when we'll be talking about Rumor Has It. Thanks! Bye!